Linnet Williams | The Old School Bruja’ |Psychic Medium, Priestess, Oracle Healer

With March being Women History Month; We are launching our ‘WarriorWomen’ series…. which will be apart of every season! The Old School Bruja, Ms. Linnet Williams is our first boNaFide WITCH!!! She is also a Spiritual Intuitive, Priestess, Psychic Medium, Healing Touch Practitioner, Oracle, and Master Healer. Coming from a long line of oracles and healers, Linnet has been aware of her gift since the age of four. By the time she was nine, Linnet was reading fire, tarot cards, and Spirit Boards for her friends. Linnet is also a comedienne, creator of tea brand:: Merlin&Blaise Tea Co.; an accomplished host and 2019 Most Inspirational Show on Ripped Radio Network Old School Bruja Radio… WarriorWomen:: Linnet Williams


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