Act:: i, II,&iii of the Leslie Vass story

In this THREE PART conversation; this being ACT ONE…U hear the story from Leslie Vass;; about HIS life as Young BLaK male in Cherry HiLL {BALTIMORE}before his arrest at 17 years old. He speakS about his family, relationships in the community, and his status as burgeoning basketball star in BaltimoreCity at the time of said arrest. It is ironic that we are releasing this autobiographical compilation on:: July 2nd…. ON THIS DAY;; 45 YEARS AGO… IN 1975… MR, LESLIE VASS WAS CONVICTED IN BALTIMORE CITY;; TRIED AS AN ADULT AT 17 YEARS OLD BY JUDGE JAMES PERROTT…. This three part series is a riveting and honest depiction of the of The State OF Maryland’s first EXONEREE;; MR. LESLIE VASS from the mouth of MR. LESLIE VASS…. REALPeople| sharin REALStories| in REALTime| that’s REALRelevant| makin REALHistory| BoXXUp!!!