RR:: Voice 41 | Kisha Collins

Da RONAreport is a collection of conversations;; an authentic depiction of emotion, circumstance, and the will to survive during Pandemic 2020. Our 41st voice:: Kisha Collins:: Food Service Manager at Meade Heights Elementary School in Anne Arundel County. Kisha shares the details of the revamped summer feeding program that she manages and has been providing meals to students at Meade Heights Elementary School. She also reminisces about the positive impact the feeding program throughout PANDEMIC 2020 has on the students, her, and of course families in the community. We also explore her perspectives on the current racial climate which have sparked protests in response to Police Violence and Murder of BLaK people.  | ReaLStories |ReaLRelevant| Quarantine wit DaBoXX… on YouTube:: Click Here to Subscribe BBRBigup to Rashad D. Hawkins for donating da RONAbeat.