Damon and Sonia Speaks| Real Estate Investors, Serial Entrepreneurs, House of Diamonds

ItS ThrowBack Thursday…This interview was recorded PreRona…Before COVID-19… Before da ViruS! That seemS like a lifetime AGO…In Studio{check out the SNIPSNAP video before da MASK 😷} We had a spirited conversation with a Husband and Wife, Bonny and Clyde, Pimp and Pimpstress, just stone cold HUSTLERs!!! We were blessed to hear a story of incredible knowledge, absolute sacrifice, unbreakable loyalty, and A familial bond of LOVE! These two are COUPLE GoaLs, PARENT GoaLs, PEOPLE GoaLs, just HUMAN GOALs. We chopped it Up and had a great conversation and a even gOOder {new word} time! How bout DaT! Auntie&Aunkh;; Husband&Wife;; Mother&Father;; Introducing the BadASS couple of BaltimoreCity Damon and Sonia Speaks! These two are doing AmAzin work @house of DiamondZ;; enriching the community with info, support, and a safe space for young people to flourish! BoXXUp!! Dishere is Fiyah! ReaLTalk…. HitUP&SUBSCRIBE to BLaKBoXXRadio.com! We appreciate ur SUPPORT…


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