RR:: Voice 55 |K.B. Scott| Truck driver; entrepreneur

Da RONAreport is a collection of conversations;; an authentic depiction of emotion, circumstance, and the will to survive during Pandemic 2020. Our 55th VOICE:: K.B. Scott We chopped it up in May 2020 with K.B. Scott, our partner who is a BLakMan of many talents. He has a Trucking Company, a Custom Suit Line for Men&Women, a catering service, and he still has time to advocate in the Baltimore Community! K.B. talks about the unique challenges he faces as a truck driver;; to include predatory toll practices and pricing during RONA! He also shares the effect that the pandemic has had on his other business ventures, and how he plans to continue to serve the community and the tools his family will focus on to stay safe and healthy. CLICK Here to Subscribe... BBRBigup to Rashad D. Hawkins for donating da RONAbeat.!