RR:: Voice 57 | Coyan Lewis

Da RONAreport is a collection of conversations;; an authentic depiction of emotion, circumstance, and the will to survive during Pandemic 2020. Our 57tH VOICE:: Coyan Lewis. We sat down in May attempting to catalog a Historic occurrence not knowing in November; during the holidayS; we are STILL in this historic occurrence:: COVID-19. Sitting down for this spirited interview was so pleasurable because Ms Coyan is Booked&Busy in her business, addressing her professionaL assignmentS, and enjoying her two childreN/family! Take a listen as we hear the actionS of da peopleS monthS ago are STILL currently relevant…ItS dat RONAthrowback…BaBee! BoXXUp… CLICK Here to Subscribe… BBRBigup to Rashad D. Hawkins for donating da RONAbeat.


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