***da RONASpeciaL*** Round One:: BLaKTHEATRICS |WombWork ProductionS, Inc|

The ***Da RONASpeciaL*** is a three part SERIES In collaboration with BLaKCommunity Collectives to entertain and inspire while containment is REQUIRED! During these HolidayS we have to augmenT our movements and interactionS due to COVID-19/Da Pandemic/RONA! Sooo BLaKBoXXRadio and The ART originated and curated by BLakPeople in BMore is extending virtual LUV&HUGS to the WORLD!!! Enter:: WombWork ProductionS_. We introduce MaMa Kay and MaMa Rashida the Co-DirectorS of this AmAzin Collaborative! We delve into the history of WombWork, discuss current and past programming, get introduced to actual current performerS/past acquaintanceS, and dat Sauce is the impromptu virtuaL performanceS, prior powerful pieceS/poemS/monoLogueS/and da SanGin! This is a DonT Miss|CanT Miss! HappyHolidayS from the BLakBoxxRadio Family! Click here to subscribe on YouTube BoXXUp…http://blakboxxradio.com/


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