RR:: VOice 61 | Azya Maxton

Da RONAreport is a collection of conversations;; an authentic depiction of emotion, circumstance, and the will to survive during Pandemic 2020. Our 61sT VOICE:: Azya Maxton. In May we were attempting to catalog a Historic occurrence not knowing in December; during the holidayS; we are STILL in this historic occurrence:: COVID-19.   We sat down with Ms. aZYa and We LuV our educatorS because EDUCATION Is their LiFe/ThoughTs/Conversation! We chopped it Up about her StudentS, her Daughter and Family, and a little bit abouT her personal GoaLS&AspirarionS! EducaTorS MaTTer…they shape Our children who are Our FUTURE… These conversationS are Interesting;; to hear the actionS/storieS of da peopleS monthS ago;; -EPIC- STILL RELEVANT_OraL History!!! ItS dat RONAthrowback… BaBee! BoXXUp… CLICK Here to Subscribe… BBRBigup to Rashad D. Hawkins for donating da RONAbeat.


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