RR:: Voice 62 Dr. Khalilah Harris, Ed.D, JD

Da RONAreport is a collection of conversations;; an authentic depiction of emotion, circumstance, and the will to survive during Pandemic 2020. Our 62nd  VOICE:: Dr. Khalilah Harris;; In mid 2020 we were attempting to catalog a Historic occurrence not knowing in a So FRESH 2021; we are STILL experiencing this historic occurrence:: COVID-19.  Dr. Harris is a professional, a Lawyer, a PHd holder, a political operative, an educator……and so OnN! This SisTa is HEAVY sooo the conversation spans from family to politics to MericaS legacy to the current administration to RONA and More! As we hear the thoughts&actionS of da peopleS monthS ago;; iT iS STILL RELEVANT_OraL History!!! ItS dat RONAthrowback… BaBee! BoXXUp… CLICK Here to Subscribe… BBRBigup to Rashad D. Hawkins for donating da RONAbeat.


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