Da Community Crew:: Spotlight on Policing in BaltimoreCity

Baltimore, specifically as it applieS to BLaKLife! We went iN… from accountability{a word u will hear 777 times}, the community support project {ie spy PLane, eYe in the skY}, and the forces that allow and coerce criminality! When community WARRIORS get together iTS on and PoPPiN! The commonality through a plenty of dissenting opinionS iS OUR Luv for BMore & BLaKPeoPLeS! BoXXUp… To stay UP wit DaBoXX_SUBSCRIBE-subscribe -SuBsCrIbE to BlakBoxxRadio.com!


da CommunityCrew:: Headquarters for BaltimoreCity Public SchoolS;; How School Systems effect Families and Communities

September 2020

Da CommunityCrew sits on the steps of 200 E North Ave, Headquarters for BaltimoreCity Public SchoolS for the impact discussion:: How School Systems effect Families and Communities! We discuss the School to Prison Pipeline; SchoolS role in medicating children, ie special education/IEPs, SchoolS participating in the erosion of the Family UNIT, and the current breakdown called:: Distance Learning! Aaaand a host of other topics related to school systemS and itS ancillary services. Da Community Crew goes iN!! Just LeaderS in the Community making assessments from their LIVED experienceS! To hear in iTS entirety hitUp&SUBSCIBE to BlakBoxxRadio.com or YouTube


CommunityCrew:: Incarceration Row; BaltimoreCity 8.2020

How does incarceration show up in Major Cities? Baltimore, Maryland

Once again the CommunityCrew conveneS to examine our beloved Baltimore from our perspectives! We decided on one square block that is WHOLLY comprised of jails/prisons/penal institutionS. Make no mistake these are not the only penal facilities in BaltimoreCity but we decided that the concentration of prisonS in one area; smack dab in the middle of a metropolitan city should be highlighted. Especially when memberS of the CommunityCrew have personally experienced these institutions! These are RicketyRAW accounts of what we see, what we think, and a BUNCH of what we feeL! The crew was present:: Toin, YoYo, Shorty, and Q; we also welcomed BOOM and Mike as a BONUS! We don’t attest to all information being 100% factual; we are personally examining what we see based on experience and PURE observation! Take the walk with us around incarceration ROW and just let us catalogue what we see….get ready it is super REAL/ricketyRAW/extemelyPERSONAL.; itS da CommunityCrew:: Baltimore!