***da RONASpeciaL*** Round One:: BLaKTHEATRICS |WombWork ProductionS, Inc|

The ***Da RONASpeciaL*** is a three part SERIES In collaboration with BLaKCommunity Collectives to entertain and inspire while containment is REQUIRED! During these HolidayS we have to augmenT our movements and interactionS due to COVID-19/Da Pandemic/RONA! Sooo BLaKBoXXRadio and The ART originated and curated by BLakPeople in BMore is extending virtual LUV&HUGS to the WORLD!!! Enter:: WombWork ProductionS_. We introduce MaMa Kay and MaMa Rashida the Co-DirectorS of this AmAzin Collaborative! We delve into the history of WombWork, discuss current and past programming, get introduced to actual current performerS/past acquaintanceS, and dat Sauce is the impromptu virtuaL performanceS, prior powerful pieceS/poemS/monoLogueS/and da SanGin! This is a DonT Miss|CanT Miss! HappyHolidayS from the BLakBoxxRadio Family! Click here to subscribe on YouTube BoXXUp…http://blakboxxradio.com/


BlackMen Teach:: The Conversation….

Back to SchooL_Distance Learning_Virtual Instruction aLL of these are upon US! Well we wanted to get some input from BLakMale EducatorS! We assembled the ‘Power 7’ 7 BLaKMen existing professionally as TeacherS/ProfessorS/administrators in the Education Space. This is a lively discussion of how BLaKMeN create educationaL experiences for their studentS while functioning in a profession where they maKeUP 2% of the teacherS in the U.S. We here their aggravations to their triumphS! Very Enlightening…. Very Informational…. The BLack Male dynamic in teaching definitely matterS per several studies and we know it is imperative for BLakChildren to representation of themselves in spaces of POWER!  |RealStories|ReaLRelevant| Quarantine wit DaBoXX… We got daily Fiyah! Fresh relevant CONTENT… Please subscribe to BlakBoxxRadio.com. YouTube:: Click Here to Subscribe

BLaKForeCast Series:: afterCOVID…afterProtest…EXISTING as BLACK LIVES that MATTER {YP}

BLakForeCast Series:: {YP} – This is the last installment of this Series with our Young People OR Young Power Or our YOUTH! We had a diverse PaneL featuring Young Men and Young Women sharing their myriad of experiences as BLakYouth. We also welcomed a healing circle of three BLakPsychologistS to impart their skillsetS as they unpacked the responses of OUR youth! This is by far our longest installment but OUR FUTURE/OUR CHILDREN deserves aLL the time we have! Listen to their VOICES they are THE most IMPORTANT commodity of the BLaK! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to BlakBoxxRadio.com for all da culturally responsible content! BoXXUp!

BLaKForeCast Series:: afterCOVID…afterProtest…EXISTING as BLACK LIVES that MATTER {W} *BlakWomeN*

This is the 1st installment of three:: aLLWomen_aLLPower_aLLBLaK_aLLMagical A dialogue about the BLack Plight, BLack Space, BLack Love, BLack Family, etc. with SEVEN POWERFUL BLAKWomen! A display of BLakBrillance like no other… Black Women are MagicaL! BoXXUp… Stay Tuned for the next TWO installments in the BLakForeCast Series:: BLaKMen & BLaKYouth! Please subscribe to BlakBoxxRadio.com for all of the culturally responsible content!

a documentary…

Presented by BlakBoxx Radio in collaboration with The AmASSI Center for Black Wellness and Culture Hosts: Queen and G. from BlackBoxxRadio and Dr. Cleo Manago, PhD from AmAssi Center for Black Wellness and Culture Special Guests:: Dr. John Lefkowits, board-certified clinical psychologist, Kris Furnish, Advocate for Marijuana Legalization, Tiffany Black, Mural Artist, Educator. Photography by Brian Pinson – Blackinkpen Photography, Marcus Clinton, and DJ Smith Protest. Video Footage by Queen and DJ Smith. Subscribe to http://www.blackboxxradio.com for more interviews, conversation, information and entertainment Learn more about Dr. Cleo Manago and the AmASSI Center https://www.amassi.com/