Da Community Crew:: Spotlight on Policing in BaltimoreCity

Baltimore, specifically as it applieS to BLaKLife! We went iN… from accountability{a word u will hear 777 times}, the community support project {ie spy PLane, eYe in the skY}, and the forces that allow and coerce criminality! When community WARRIORS get together iTS on and PoPPiN! The commonality through a plenty of dissenting opinionS iS OUR Luv for BMore & BLaKPeoPLeS! BoXXUp… To stay UP wit DaBoXX_SUBSCRIBE-subscribe -SuBsCrIbE to BlakBoxxRadio.com!


YoGA_ and BLaKWomeN… Da FiTT TWiNs is in da House!

iTS Dat Time of the Month….Where we bring that Nutrition, FiTTness,&Fun! This month we had a Special Guest:: Myeisha Thompson__Owner of Yogini Noire. Myeisha took us on journey that described her deep appreciation of YoGa, the role it has played in her WellNess Journey, and how EXCITED she is to introduce and affirm YoGa to BLaKWomen! We gon be PoSin&Breathin then Hurtin&Healin! Let’sGetiT… As we move towardS da HolidayS and A New Year; we as BLaKWomen are adding some NEW Tools to the TooLBoXX 🧰… Da FiTT TWiNS have done their JOB and are powered UP& OuT! Click here to subscribe on YouTube BoXXUp…